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One of the Year’s Notable Career Books, "…a gem for anyone considering changing professions." New York Post

A Business Book Award Winner, "…heartfelt and real people talking about their lives." 800-CEO-READ

Water Cooler Diaries
Women Across America Share Their Day at Work

"…both fascinating and eye-opening." Publishers Weekly

What is a day on the job really like for a fashion designer, a medical examiner, a race car driver, a relief worker, a celebrity chef…? Water Cooler Diaries lets you go behind-the-scenes with working women across the country (whether that work comes with a paycheck or not). From cubicle drama to multi-tasking moms; from career highs to bosses from hell, this third volume in the acclaimed This Day series pays off big time in intimate details, laugh-out-loud truths, and a new kind of job satisfaction! Click here to read a press release about Water Cooler Diaries.

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Available from your local bookstore or wherever books are sold!

This Day in the Life: Diaries from Women Across America

"There is not one piece in this compilation that is not captivating… These women communicate bravery, compassion, humor and perseverance in this compulsively readable volume." - Publishers Weekly starred review

"This satisfying collection of diaries from 34 women across America details the events of one day in the lives of each: June 29, 2004…The ensemble is simultaneously mundane and captivating--it resonates with drama, humor and pathos. This is one unremarkable day you'll wish could go on forever." - PEOPLE Magazine

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Available from your local bookstore or wherever books are sold!

This Day: Diaries from American Women

"Intensely entertaining. This Day is as addictive as any reality TV show but with one real difference. The book lures you in with its amazingly candid details of women's lives, but it also leaves you feeling truly inspired. I highly recommend this book."
— Ben Pappas, Us Weekly magazine

"This Day is like a reality show that doesn't require a television—it lets you peek into the intimate details of other women's lives, from the mundane to the awe-inspiring. I picked out a random story to start, and found myself hooked, turning page after page. I wanted to talk to each of these fascinating women.!"
— Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women

Read excerpts from This Day

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Joni was a guest on  “Livin’ the Dream” on Contact Talk Radio: www.mydreambiz.net 

Joni was interviewed by Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones of the Paradise Radio Network

Water Cooler Diaries featured on MSN CareerBuilder! Click here to see whose job is in the spotlight now.

New York Times "Shifting Careers" blog features Water Cooler Diaries! http://shiftingcareers.

Reviews & News
"This book is better than reality television because no one gets voted off the island and everyone deserves to be cheered on." Nashville Scene

"Water Cooler Diaries is one of those books that you start reading and can’t stop. Each of the diaries is short; most are just a few pages. They’re not candy-coated, but they’re not filled with “I hate my job" cries, either.  Some are funny. Others will break your heart in two.” TriCities.com

Water Cooler Diaries is a "Recommended new paperback," Tuscon Citizen.

"This huge volume spends 320 pages covering one question: 'What's your workday like?'" – Washington Post Express

"It is captivating reading... When I get on a plane today, it will be the book I pull out to read. – Shine.com

"Water Cooler Diaries is, on the face of it, remarkably uplifting." —  Los Angeles Times

"Funny, insightful and occasionally heart- wrenching… this is a book for anyone who ever took a coffee break." – Dame

"From a race-car driver to a McDonald's manager, each account lets you experience what it’s really like to be a woman in the workforce." – Ellegirl.com

"On March 27, 2007, hundreds of women across the country created an on-the-job 'day diary'…this glimpse into their lives is both fascinating and eye-opening." – Publishers Weekly

"Skimming through this collection is not a good idea... worth rereading." – Booklist

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